Weekend Wrap-Up

Had another fun filled weekend. It was the last weekend that we had Aubriella before school starts, next weekend she goes to her dads and starts school the following week. I am not ready for the reality of having a full-day kindergartner. We ended out last weekend together marking a few more things off our summer bucket list. 

Friday evening, Ella and I went shopping by ourselves to see if we could find her some new school clothes. We found a really cute dress and jean jacket at TJ Maxx. I don't normally shop there but it may become a new favorite store. We also went to the mall and didn't anything. When we left we saw this gorgeous orange sunset, the picture does not do it any justice. 

Saturday morning we packed the car, woke the kids up early, and went on a road trip. We were out the door by 630, and they both fell back asleep in the car. 

We stopped at Tim Horton's. I have to admit their coffee was disgusting. I barely drank 1/4 of it. I originally wanted an iced latte, but they didn't have anything non-dairy, only whole milk and 2%. Well those aren't an option for me. My normal go to drink is black coffee. This tasted burnt and undrinkable. I am not a complainer normally when it comes to coffee either. If we weren't on a road trip I would have went back. Brian also didn't like his latte, but the kids liked the donut holes. 

Our surprise road trip was to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Ella had asked to visit a new zoo this summer and we finally did. It was just a little over 2 hours to get there and so worth the drive and money to get in. 

Ella loved all the statues throughout the zoo that she could sit on and take pictures with. She even gave this one a drink.

I don't know if we just picked an amazing day or what. The weather was gorgeous most of the day, it rained for a little bit in the afternoon. This was the most active we have ever seen animals at the zoo. From the lions, to the tigers, monkeys, penguins, ... most of the animals were playing, walking around and being cute. 

Where else can you sit in the horn of a moose? 

It was World Orangutan Day and the Lions birthday. For the Lion's birthday Ella got to color a paw print and hang it on the window by the lions. 

This had to be my favorite part of the whole day. These little monkeys were so active and interactive through the glass. This cute little guy kept licking Ella and following her hand. One also played with Austin.

This is the only alligator she wants to get close to. I remember being this close to a real one when I was a little older than her. 

Look at this animals butt. Do you think it is a Zebra? It looks like one from this view, but it is not. It is an Okapi, go google it. 

When it was raining we ventured into the reptile building. They had a lot of cool things to play with and learn about different reptiles. They also had the option to touch a snake. Ella was all for it. 

We spent most of the day at the zoo. There was more we could have done but decided not to. (The rides and water park)

Since we were already in Columbus Brian had the idea to go check out the OSU stadium since we had already checked out the other state up there this summer. Unfortunately it was move in weekend and we didn't know it. Campus was crazy busy and they had all the parking lots around the stadium blocked off. We were unable to see anything, but it was still nice to drive around. 

Sunday morning Ella had a car wash for her cheerleading that she does in her fathers town. The first car they washed was her father's race car. (it is an e-mod for circle track racing)

I did my part and got my car washed also. 

They also had a local state trooper and ambulance come through. Ella's father is 6'6'' and helped her reach the top.

The last vehicle that Ella got to wash before we had to leave was the fire truck. Here is a group shot. Ella is in the white anchor shirt in the front row.
It is sad to say that our summer is coming to an end. There will be no more random trips places during the day since Ella will now be in school full time. 

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