Friday Favorites Solo Parenting Week

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday finally. I can't say I am excited enough and patiently waiting for Brian to get back from California tomorrow morning. This week has been rough. The kids have been fighting and arguing a lot. There was lots of whining and time spent in their rooms away from each other. When do I get time away? Even with the rough week we through in some fun too.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Before Brian headed off to California we went to Cedar Point for the first time this year. Ella brought a friend along to ride rides with. We also meet up with our neighbors. Anna and Austin had friends to ride with too. 

The look on her face. Makes it all worth it. 

Austin had a lot of fun too.

~ TWO ~

Girls movie night with some warm cocoa aka warmed up chocolate milk. 


I spy mama and her twins out the window. I made the mistake of throwing lettuce out the backdoor when it was raining instead of taking it back to the feeder. 

~ FOUR ~

My mom invited us to go to the Deer Park in Sandusky. There are over 200 animals to pet and feed. There were 7 of us (Ella, Austin, Anna, Claudia, my mom, my dad, and myself) so we all squeezed in my van. 

We bought a few bags of their feed which was corn and peanuts to feed all the animals. They made friends with lots of deer, who at times were demanding and would nibble on your clothes to get you to feed them.

The goats kept getting out of their pen and following us around too. 

Anna preferred the baby goats. There were also baby deer but they were fenced away from guests. 

~ FIVE ~

On the way home we stopped at the beach on Lake Erie. The weather was in the low 70s and not swimming weather so it wasn't to busy. I surprised the kids by taking them down to the water to see it. I said they could get their feet wet but not get their clothes wet, we had no changes of clothes. (well Anna always has a change of clothes in the car) 

These two did not listen very well. Ella ended up sitting in the water, Claudia was soaked too. Thankfully I had a beach towel in the van that they sat on.

~ SIX ~

We celebrated my sisters and my birthday with some delicious ice cream cake. Her birthday is the 27th and mine is the 29th. 

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  1. I went to Cedar Point about 18 years ago and it was so fun. Hope you have a great birthday!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! My husband used to go away for work a lot when the kids were younger and I always found those weeks so exhausting. But I relaxed on our rules a lot to try and make it easier on myself but still...


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