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Happy Friday!!! The weekend is finally here. We have a 4 day weekend from school. I need to come up with something fun to do with the kids, hopefully it doesn't rain all weekend. 

I am linking up with these three lovely ladies, ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some of my Friday Favorites, just some random favorites from this week.

Austin put himself to sleep for nap time in his own bed by himself. This was a first EVER. Now why can't he always do this.

Ella finally got to play in the snow. It was more of ice covered but she had fun outside by herself for about a half an hour the other day while I was making dinner.

We finally used my kitchen aid mixer I got for Christmas. We made chocolate chip cookies for Ella's Friendship party. They were supposed to be cute in a heart shaped silicon mold. Well I failed at those so they just ended up being regular circle cookies and the kids still loves them.

Fat Tuesday wouldn't be complete without a Paczki. Brian went and got my a custard filled paczki from a local bakery Fragapane. I forgot they had the best custard filling ever. Brian also stopped and got me black coffee from Dunkin Donuts also.

These two. He is getting just as big as her but she still loves picking him up. Lately Brian and I will yell at him for something and he runs to his sister for soothing. Its adorable.

Ella wanted to do a craft on Tuesday before she went to her fathers. I searched Pinterest and found this cute easy heart wreath that you make out of paper and staples. 

I am that mom who puts Ella's Valentine's bags together the night before. She passed out a bag that contained an LOL valentine with a sticker, a shopkin valentine with a sucker, and Reese's peanut butter cup shaped as a heart.

We didn't go all out for Valentine's Day this year. Brian and I went out to dinner last Saturday night. I didn't even get him a card (but I do hate cards). We are doing something special in a few months. We did get the kids a little something. Austin got a Heart shaped candy box and a wooden fire truck and police car (Dollar Section of Target)

Ella also got a heart shaped candy box and two JoJo bows that I found at Five Below. 

"Mom I want to take a picture with my wreath before school"

I got to help out again at Ella's school for the Friendship party. I love see all the kids exciting faced and helping out. 

Hope you have a great week.

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