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Happy Friday. The end of the week is finally here. WAHOOOO!!!!! It may have been a short school week but it seemed to last forever and OMG attitude central for a little girl. She finally calmed down yesterday. I am excited for this weekend. Tomorrow is girls day date. Two of my girlfriends/sister are going to McAlisters for lunch, one of our favorite affordable places. Then we are seeing 50 Shades Freed. Have you seen it?

I am linking up with these three lovely ladies, ErikaNarci, and Andrea for some Friday Favorites. 


My favorite little man. We went shopping alone for the first time in probably six months. He did awesome. He sat in the back of the cart (i know not the ideal location) sat good and played with my phone. He didn't scream or try to crawl out. We went to Target and how a gallon of milk ended up costing me $60, the world of Target always sucks you in.


This was dinner Brian made last Saturday. I am still tasting this heavenly steak and lobster on the back on my tongue. I would eat this every week if it was an option.


Tuesday was warm weather and sunshine. Spring was in the air. I am so ready for warm weather to stick around. You can see some things I am excited for spring HERE.


Notice anything missing? Tooth number 3 is gone. My princess needs to stop growing up. 


The other day someone commented on a Disney shirt I was wearing.. She said oh you must be getting ready for your vacation very early. Nope my attire consists of workout tanks or Disney shirts. Do I need to buy more non-Disney shirts?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Anything fun planned?

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