Disney World Day 3 Part 1

It's Day 3 Part 1 of our adults only vacation to Disney World. This was the longest, craziest day of our trip. Since so much happened this day I have split it up into 2 parts.

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Day 3 started early again. We headed off to Animal Kingdom. I love that our bus stop had a monitor that shows how long of a wait until the next bus comes. We had 8 minutes to wait for our bus. Animal Kingdom this day had extra magic hours for Disney Hotel guests from 8 to 9am. It was another crowded bus ride where we ended up standing.

When we got to Animal Kingdom we headed straight over to Pandora, like everyone else. We started to get in line for Avatar Flight of Passage. It was a 90 minute way so we opted to skip it. We had a fast for it later in the day. We walked around and looks at the amazing detail they had done to Pandora. I wish I would have remember to watch the movie we left. 

We did not have a fast pass for Na'Vi River Journey and it only had a 10 minute wait so we got in line. I was so impressed with all the details again wished I would have watched the movie to understand it.

The waterfalls, the colors, the themeing was so peaceful and relaxing. 

Next we headed off to find breakfast and coffee. This was the only park that Brian hadn't really looked into or planned for our breakfast. We didn't necessarily want Starbucks again. We found a little stand that had iced mocha coffee. We got one to slip, it was so sweet but gave us our coffee fix. 

While wondering we walked past Expedition Everest. It was actually supposed to be our first fast pass but only had a 10 minute wait. Since we had always previously fast passed the ride we decided to get in line and check out the queue. There is so much neat artifacts and stories that you miss when you fast pass. 

Still with no breakfast in our bellies we headed over to Dinoland U.S.A First up was TriceraTop Spin. We then decided to book a fastpass for Primeval Whirl, just to use it up. Brian again isn't a huge fan of this ride but he insisted on riding it. You can go to DinoLand and not ride the Dinosaur ride. It has awesome themeing and if you like Dinosaurs it is a great ride, not one of my favorites.

By this time it is already 10:00, our next fast pass isn't for a half an hour and we are starting to get a little hungry and it was already starting to get hot. What better way to cool off than eat a Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich. It is vacation so it is totally acceptable. One last note on breakfast food at Animal Kingdom. There isn't many options period, there are a few stands, and a few sit down but not much of a selection. I recommend eating before you arrive or bring something with you.
While waiting we did some window shopping and said we would come back for a few odd ball items but completely forgot about it and never went back. 

It was finally time for our Kilimanjaro Safari's. We got on the ride around 10:45. This is the earliest we have ever done it and the most animals we have also ever seen. Look at the baby hippo. 

Baby elephant. We watched him walk over to the watering hole and spray himself with water just like his mother was doing.

Ella's favorite animal the zebra. The safari took us to about 11:15.

By this time we were both starving. An ice cream Mickey Bar only lasts for so long. Luckily places with opening up for lunch. We both agreed to get something from Harambe Market. We got in line then noticed there was the option to order from your phone. We go out of line found a spot to sit and ordered online. Our food was done in less than 5 minutes. By the time we were done eating, the person that was standing in line in front of us still hadn't ordered their food yet. If ordering online is an option DO IT you won't regret it. 
Brian ordered the beef and lamb gyro and I got the grilled chicken skewer. Both came with black eyed pea salad. I also wanted to try the safari cake. It was all so good. The chicken was moist, the bean salad was cold and just the right amount of flavor. 

After lunch we still had 3 hours until our fast pass for Avatar Flight of Passage. We had done everything else in the park we wanted to do. We both were in agreement that we didn't want to wait 3 hours to ride the ride and the regular line was over a three hour wait. It was also starting to get hot and crowded. We decided to go watch It's Tough To Be A Bug, use our last fast pass, and head back to the hotel to go swimming. At the time it was the right decision. Now looking back I wish we would have stayed and rode the Flight of Passage but there is always next time. 

Check back tomorrow for Day 3 Part 2 that includes Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and a family surprise. 

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