Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Half the time I don't even know what day it is anymore. I woke up on Thursday and I thought it was Saturday. Ella has been on a different schedule with her dad that is throwing off all of us. I am ready for our "Spring Break at Home" next week. We have a few surprises for the kids along the way. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I put the baby swing on our swing set for Audrianna. She is loving being outside with her siblings and doing what they are doing. Ella and Austin were even fighting over who got to push her. 

~ TWO ~

Audrianna is loving the swing. She didn't want to get out after a half an hour. 


Tuesday was National Beer Day. I feel like I miss out on a lot of national days for one reason or another. I asked Brian to buy beer I would drink so I could celebrate this year.

~ FOUR ~

This showed up on my TimeHop from a year ago. Austin reminds me of the wicked witch of the west hunched over while he was riding his tricycle. Now he is a big boy on a bike with training wheels. 

~ FIVE ~

Take out Thursday. It is a thing in our house this week since our menu had leftovers and we had none. We ordered local Mexican. I was excited to hear that in Ohio you can get a to go order of alcohol. 2 per order. We got two margarita's on the rocks. So good and so relaxing to sit at home and drink a good margarita. 

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