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Amazon and I have become BFF's again with my ordering. Than I get made at them for some shipments. I have had 3 shipments that said would be delivered then didn't show up til 2-3 days later. One being an American Flag I ordered before the 4th of July and didn't receive until the Sunday after. 

Lets take a look at my Amazon purchases from June.

I got suckered into buying the Bug Bite Thing after seeing it on Tik Tok. I used it for the first time on two of Austins bug bites. It worked great on them both.

When Austin was in the hospital for his kidney surgery they gave him a Hot Wheels Gator Garage Attack and loved it. The back of the package showed other Hot Wheels play sets you can attach to them. I ordered the Hot Wheels Fire Station Spin Out Playset 

and the Hot Wheels Downtown Police Station Breakout Set for his birthday next week. 

For father's day we bought Brian a digital instant read meat thermometer. He has been making pork tenderloin on the grill a few times a month and this has worked out great for checking the temperature accurately and instantly. 

I needed a new pair of bluetooth headphones. My last ones I lost a part that goes in your ear. These are the same design as what I previously had but a different company. They came with extra ear pieces also. 

Lets be honest. My kids love goldfish. If I let them they would eat a bag a day. Since the pandemic started I have avoided going to Walmart which is where I normally purchased goldfish. Brian bought them at another store and they were close to $2.50 a bag. I found them on Amazon for a case of 6 for less than $1.75 each.

My new calendar has a dry erase weekly to do list and menu. I got these Staedtler correctable pens that have a fine tip and are working out great. 

What is your favorite thing you bought from Amazon recently?

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  1. My son used to absolutely love Hot Wheels sets. They had some that would fold up and they were great for taking to restaurants etc. That's so sad about the delivery of your flag! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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