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It's the last Thursday of the month. Time for a link up with my girl Ashley. Each month we get snoopy and take a peak at some of the smaller details into our lives. 

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This month we are taking a look inside my 

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I would be lost without my planner. Even though we don't have a bunch of different activities going on everyday I need a way to keep organized. Brian and I share our calendars on our phones, but I also need a physical planner. I am visual and paper to pen person. 
In a way since we don't have so much going on I would forget what we do have planned if I don't write it down. 

This post is no way sponsored. I am sharing my current planner choice. This is my first time purchasing a customized planner from

Monthly View:
  • Appointments
  • Daily activities 
  • Ella's schedule with her father
  • School Schedule

Weekly View:
  • I  am a list maker. I like to make a list of everything I need to do from dishes (duh they need done everyday) to which day we do laundry (always on Fridays), daily chores, and everything I want to get done. This is normally pretty cluttered and messy.
  • Dinner Menu
  • Blog Schedule
  • Workout Schedule
I know my schedule is going to get busier with both kids in school, Girl Scouts, and other activities happening starting in September. I am really working on getting organized and finding a schedule that will work for us in this season. 

What kind of planner do you use? How do you stay organzied?

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  1. I am definitely a list maker but I tend to just write up each days (or week's list) as it comes and cross things off as I do them then throw the list away.


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