Whats In My Coffee Bar

 Confession. It is 11am on the last Thursday of the month. I was suppose to link up with my girl Ashley today. I didn't realize it was the last Thursday of the month until I sat down at my computer today and was starting to plan next week. Where the heck did September go? Oh I can tell you it got lost in virtual learning world Ashley didn't share today either since she is sharing very exciting news instead. Be sure to head to her page to hear her exciting news. 

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This month we are taking a look at our Coffee Bar

Join us every month as we take a peek into something new. 

We don't have a "coffee bar". We just have a coffee pot on the counter, coffee in cupboard, and coffee mugs in another cupboard. Our kitchen is also currently under construction of being remodeled. I would love to have a special area just for all things coffee but we don't have the room for that. 

I love our Ninja Specialty with fold away frother. We usually make either a multi serve size or a half pot. It is great having the option for different sizes depending on who is at the house, how much coffee I need. Plus the hidden frother for when I want more fancier drinks.

This is our current favorite coffee. It is local and we actually get it at Costco. It is available from their website though too.

I have a decent size collection of coffee mugs. None of them are plan. Most of them are Disney. I do have some seasonal ones too. My current got to is the Pumpkin Spice Season mug I received in a mug gift exchange a few years ago. Soon I will pull out my Halloween Disney Mickey Not So Scary Halloween party exclusive Hocus Pocus caldron mug. 

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  1. A Hocus Pocus cauldron mug sounds cute! The only seasonal ones I have are for Christmas. I like that your coffee machine has a frother- so fancy!


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