Friday Favorites

 Hey friends. Happy Friday. I am glad the weekend is finally here. We have so much fun planned from finally going to a pumpkin patch, Halloween movie night, and a hike with Girl Scouts. Ella started hybrid school this week and it went well. Audrianna is back to a sleep schedule. Austin is enjoying more play time with his sisters. I am on day 5 of refocusing on myself, getting up at 5am and being mindful of my day. I will share more about that on another day. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Last Friday the Ella had off school. We tried to go to a pumpkin patch but it was crazy busy, lines were real long with all the social distancing restrictions so we opted to pass for the day. Instead we took the kids to the park that had a playground and a really nice walking trail. It was quiet and just what we needed as a family. Audrianna even got out and walked. This was the first time we walked in public and since she is my daughter yes she is barefoot.

While walking (Audrianna was in the stroller when we were on the gravel) Brian found a gardner snake. Scared the crap out of Ella with it, Austin wanted to take it home as a pet.

~ TWO ~

We had stopped at this cute sitting area so I could feed a screaming but baby. I also decided we would get a picture. It didn't turn out half bad for using my phone propped up in the cup holder of the stroller on timer. 


Christmas list making has started. A few years back we started taking pictures of what the kids wanted for Christmas. They then can add it to their list. This helps with being able to send family especially grandparents what the kids want. We also do this with birthdays.

~ FOUR ~

Ella started back hybrid this week. She goes Monday and Wednesday. She was nervous and excited to go. She loved being back in school, (she actually asked if she could go today too). She even made a new friend. However yesterday our Covid levels raised back up to a 3. Based on that her school will probably going back virtually again. I dont agree with this but I dont make the decisions. We find out tonight hopefully.

~ FIVE ~

Audrianna has been doing really well with sleeping at night. Now he naps are all over the place. Some days she only has a 30 minute nap in the morning, other days she is falling asleep eating dinner, like here. 

~ SIX ~

Audrianna is sleeping through the night means this mommy can wake up at 5am and get her mindset morning, workout, reading, all done and be productive. Here is my evidence of the workout pictures form the last 4 days.

Tuesday Audrianna work up at 6 right when I was going to workout. I brought her downstairs with me and she worked out with me and played. 

Wednesday I was not feeling it but I got it done. It was a rough night on hearing things and not getting sleep. But I was still up and pressed play no excuses.

Thursday is suppose to be a rest day. I haven't been finding the perfect time to do the cardio or running part of my program, mom life. Instead I brought out the bike.

Speaking out working out. Until the end of the month I am having a promotion for my virtual gym fit community. If you sign up you will receive a sample of my morning "momma go go juice" and either pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha Shakeology to try. If you would like more details lets chat. Send me an email

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  1. It sounds like you had a fun time at the park! Sorry to hear that school may be going virtual for you again. I ended up pulling my second grader at the start of the year to home school, since I couldn't get behind the remote learning schedule. And it is so nice when the babies start sleeping through the night!


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