Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. It has been a week. Nothing has gone as planned, things have been hectic, chaotic, stressful, you name it I felt it. I am ready for the weekend and to get some things done and back on track. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea. They are in a random order, they didn't upload right. 

~ ONE ~

This little girl stole her sisters apple and ate 3/4 of it herself. She even hid from Ella while she was eating. 

~ TWO ~

Yesterday most of the day we had a two bucks just handing out in our backyard. They must have dropped off GusGus, our elf on the shelf. He arrived this morning to start his 14 days of quarantine.


Last Friday was Red Cup Day at Starbucks. I treated myself to a peppermint mocha. 

~ FOUR ~

Little trouble likes sitting on the table, if she wasn't so cute.

~ FIVE ~

We finally got to enjoy some fall weather. Ella and Austin jumped in the leaves at least for 6 days. 

~ SIX ~

Daddy had the cutest little helper while making pancakes.


Girl Scout hike.

Kids will be kids playing in the dirt. Austin was nice enough to let Audrianna play with him for a little while. 

~ NINE ~

This little girl keeps me on my toes. She wanted in the fridge so I set her there. She ended up grabbing grapes. 

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  1. Okay I love your wood floors- they are gorgeous. And you are so cute with your Hallmark shirt and mocha. I would kill for a Starbucks right now! Haha!


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