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Hey friends. Happy Monday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had perfect weather to get a bunch of end of the season yard clean-up done, spent time outside jumping in the leaves, and went on a 2.75 mile hike with Girl Scouts.  

Today is another link up with the girls for Not Just A Mom.


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This month we are getting Shopping for the Holidays.

Have you started your shopping yet? Are you an online or inperson shopper? Are you organized? 

Let's go back to the first year I had a job and a car and my own money and no real bills. I started Christmas shopping early in September. I was finished by Halloween, then I just kept buying more and more. Most of the stuff I bought was junk and more or the point of buying stuff instead of stuff someone would actually use. (Like I remember putting play doh in my ex-boyfriends stocking)

Fast forward to having kids. A few years I did go crazy with the amount of presents again. By the end of Christmas morning the kids were tired of opening presents. (yes that is really possible). Now we try to limit but don't have a set number or prize point. 

This year I have bought my kids maybe one thing each so far. It just so happened to be on clearance when I was at the store and caught my eye. I feel like I am behind. I somewhat know what they will be getting this year, it is just doing it.

Brian and I use to go drop the kids off at the Grandparents and go grab a coffee and do Christmas shopping in the evening. This year with a lot of store closing early (our Walmart closes at 830) it isn't possible. I can see a lot of Amazon boxes in my near future. 

I am the most unorganized person when it comes to the Holiday's. I use to write everything down in a notebook, then one year I misplaced the notebook so that doesn't happen anymore. I also fear that my nosey daughter will find the list and Christmas will be ruined. Brian and I have the google keep app on our phones that we do share lists with. (usually gift ideas, grocery lists) Last year I kept somewhat updated on there. There was one year one kid had way more gifts than the other so I was out shopping at the last minute for more gifts.

This year right now, TODAY I am going to get organized for the Holidays. I am going to make lists in my phone and share with Brian via the Google Keep app, who we have to buy for (everyone including gift exchanges) and running lists of what we have bought for the kids, and others.

For family and friends we previously have tried to shop local, buy going to the little craft fairs. But this year there doesn't seem to be any going on. Instead I am going to try to plan in advance (aka today get organized) and shop small businesses. If you have a small business drop your link in the comments. 

 Have you started your shopping yet? Are you an online or in person shopper? Are you organized? 

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  1. I know that feeling of buying more and more and more. I try really hard to stay on track by making lists!

  2. I think I'm just about done-- I need some gifts for two of my boys but I mostly know what I want to get them and I do have to make up a photo calendar for all our parents but that only takes me an hour or so on Shutterfly and then I have them all done at once!


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