Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. What a week. I have spent lots of time in the kitchen baking, and cooking. Plus eating lots of cookies, yumm. There has also been lots of cuddles, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music and driving around looking at lights, all the things that bring me joy and happiness.

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Now its time for some Friday Favorites from this past week with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I kicked my kids out!!! Not actually they had a sleepover at my parents house. My parents watched all 3 kids for a few hours last weekend so Brian and I could have a date night and get some Christmas shopping done. Audrianna did really good with Ella as the babysitter. 

~ TWO ~

I hate to admit I think this is the first year we EVER wrote letters to Santa. Ok we may have done it once before but they never got mailed. Last weekend the kids wrote letters and we dropped them off in a special mail box for Santa. He is supposedly suppose to write back. Fingers crossed. (we didn't tell the kids to expect a letter back just incase)


We did a thing. A few weeks ago I gave Audrianna bangs. On Thanksgiving I gave myself bangs. This week Ella asked again if she could have bangs and I finally said yes. She had been asking for a while but I kept saying no. I know how much work bangs are, but finally gave in. If she doesn't like them they do grow out. Pros and Cons of being a hair dresser, I cut hair at home on the whim. Ella is loving them so far. I cut her hair Monday night. Every morning since then she has woke up without a fight, got dressed, and brushed her hair and fixed her bangs. Why didn't I do this sooner if I would have known that mornings would be less of a fight.

~ FOUR ~

We made sugar cookies. I hate making sugar cookies, they are a long process and a mess but the kids (and Brian) love them so we made them. Austin cut out is cookies, I did the frosting, he did the sprinkles. 

Aubriella looks so focused decorating her cookies. 

~ FIVE ~

She is a wild on. She is at the stage of trying to get into everything. We have our dining room chairs bungee corded together so she can't pull them out and climb on the table. The coffee table has temporarily removed from the living room because she was pushing it over to the tree to take down the breakable ornaments. Here she was getting the remotes to watch Mickey Mouse Club House.

~ SIX ~

Someone enjoyed her dessert of chocolate pudding. She put them in her hair just so she could have a bath.


Isn't this the cutest thing ever. Now only it they actually fell asleep like this. Austin fell asleep on the couch, Audrianna fell asleep on Brian then he layed her down next to Austin.

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  1. Your cookies look awesome!! I think that's what we will be doing this weekend.


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