Friday Favorites

Hey loves, Happy Friday!!! We made it another week. I am excited for the weekend. We are celebrating my niece's birthday and Ella has a playdate. There maybe a sleepover somewhere. Plus warm weather. Bring on the weekend. Oh and lets not forget it is day lights savings. We spring an hour ahead in time. I am hoping this means Audrianna sleeps later and I can get back into a good routine for my mental health. Ella also doesn't have school today for whatever reason. She has had to remind me this 500x for whatever reason it is not clicking in my head there is no school today for her. Can I just drop her off at school and pick her up at her regular time? No I would never do that. We will enjoy our day with no school and getting some running around done. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I treated these two cutest to Burger King and driving through the car wash. They look sweet and innocent. Two seconds later Audrianna dumped her plate and got ketcup all over the carpet. This is why Brian doesn't want the kids eating in the living room. I let them break the rules. 

~ TWO ~

Gorgeous weather this week means lots of time outside. We went for a family walk, went to the park, and got ice cream. We managed to get 7 hours of time outside even with all the craziness. 


This may not be exciting to everyone but it is a huge deal for me. I finish a chapter in the bible. I finished Philippians which was a 27 day bible study. Next I am reading James. This is all very new to me as I didn't grow up in the church and have no religious background. I found a wonderful virtual group of ladies this year. We started with a devotional about Choosing Joy, then added in the bible study of Philippians and next James. I am stepping out of my comfort zone, growing in my faith, and less overwhelmed by the huge bible. 

~ FOUR ~

The kids and I finished reading Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret. It was a fun family read. Check out or review and giveaway HERE

~ FIVE ~

Audrianna is 20 months old.
 - You have a mouth full of teeth, I am not sticking my finger in there to count.
- You love your siblings.
- You are finally liking other people and giving mom a little bit of a break.
- You love being read to and reading books yourself.
- You are little miss independent from buckling yourself in the carseat, to getting in the high chair and feeding yourself.
- You love helping out, from making coffee to do laundry.
- You are my least picky eater. You loved steak the other night, sausage and eggs are your favorite for breakfast, carrots and cheese are your go to snack
- you are finally starting to drink milk out of a cup (fingers crossed I don't jinx myself)
- you love to be outside
- favorite toys are everything that isn't yours, blocks, and makeup

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  1. Yay for warm weather and ice cream cones!

  2. Happy Friday! I'm hoping my little guy starts to sleep later as well. He's been waking up so much earlier then my other boys and my husband and I have been exhausted. I love that you are stepping out in your faith and found a virtual group you are connected with! I can definitely relate that the whole bible can be overwhelming. I haven't read it from start to finish in years but decided to jump on the bible project through the bible app with my church. We're in Deuteronomy now. It also gives videos and helps to break down a better understanding. It's been a good resource so far if you ever want to tackle the whole thing.

  3. We have loved the warmer weather too.:) Good work with reading the Bible. That is awesome!


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