Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday and Happy end of April. First off this week flew by. We got outside a lot, like over 10 hours which is awesome for us with crazy schedules, school, naptime, etc. There will be a lot more hours outside in the coming weeks too. 

I am excited for the end of the month, warmer weather, and so much stuff happening next month. Austin starts T-Ball on Monday, he will be graduating from preschool soon. Audrianna is going to go to my mom's maybe once a week so I can get some alone time and get stuff done. With the end of April also means:

As a 90s kid this will never get old. I love me some Justin Timberlake even though I was a 98 Degrees girl. Speaking of 98 Degrees I saw a Tik Tok of the 4 of them, I wish I could find the link, it was a then and now, they have not changed much at all. 

I'm done rambling for now. Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea. I went through my photos from the past week. I only have pictures of Audrianna. I swear I do have 2 other kids. Being that Audrianna is always with me and Ella doesn't like her picture taken kind of switches things up, and Austin is a complete daddy's boy.

~ ONE ~

Austin gave Audrianna his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal to sleep with one night. I check on her and she is full on hugging Mickey. The next morning I showed Austin the picture and he was so excited that she was cuddling with him.

~ TWO ~

Audrianna things that her little butt is suppose to sit on the Barbie couch. 


Out of nowhere Audrianna raised her hands up and wanted touch the ceiling. While she was up there she goes "Cheese". 

~ FOUR ~

There is a little head in my window. Every morning that I come home from picking up Ella from her dad's I have this head starring at me. She is standing on her big chair she got for Christmas. 

~ FIVE ~

Beautiful weather calls for more time outside. Audrianna asked to go for a walk in the wagon, as in she sits in the wagon and buckles up and waits for someone to pull her. 

~ SIX ~

Audrianna had her second ever ride in a cart. First time was at Costco, this time was at Target. I usually go shopping without her or put her in the stroller. She did awesome in the cart. Walking around the store she waved and said Hi to a lot of people, usually old men who were grumpy and didn't say anything back. When we were checking out the cashier tried talking to her and she got all shy until she got a sticker. 

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