Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. We have had a good busy week. Gotten out of the house a lot, kids have been somewhat behaved. I am ready for the weekend. Austin has a T-ball game, and I am most excited about a girls lunch date and shopping. It is much needed and over due. This past week I have put my to do list somewhat on the back burner and enjoyed time with the kids. I need to find a good medium of booth, without them being on electronics or driving me nuts the whole time too. Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

It isn't very often that my father will take goofy pictures with me. 

~ TWO ~

Ella told me she was working on her tan, while wearing a one piece mermaid pajamas.


A cute family photo from Father's Day, well family minus me because I was taking the picture.

~ FOUR ~

A nice clean fish tank. I can't wait to get new decorations and fish. The kids are so excited. 

~ FIVE ~

I am loving my new shoes. Would you have ever guessed they are Croc's brand. They are so comfy and dry so quick when out in the rain. They will be perfect for summer, the beach, and vacation in Florida.

~ SIX ~

You would think I went crazy buying stuff on Prime Day. There really are only 7 things in the boxes. Why they didn't put them all in one box even though I clicked that button.


These two. Audrianna dragged Austin out of bed took him over to the step and said cheese. 

Then dragged him over to her chair and did the same thing. I love that he went along with her. 


The kids and I went on a Duct Tape Scavenger Hunt. It was so much fun. I will share all the details next.

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  1. Those sandals look great, so much more stylish that regular Cros! But I assume with all of the same comfort.

  2. I keep saying that about Amazon too! It seems like they are shipping everything one item in a box regardless of how I order them... it makes me look like I have a real shopping problem (well, much bigger than my husband already thinks it is anyway).


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