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Hey loves it is Friday. The weekend is here. Our week started off wonderful then took a turn for the worse. Not how I planned my Friday Favorites post. Starting with a prayer request, then sharing a few favorites from the week. 

Last night my niece, who is 9, had multiple long seizures. This is a first, they don't run in our family.
Yesterday my kids were with her all day playing, Austin even tried to talk us into a sleepover but we agreed to another night. It happened when she was sleeping and thankfully was sleeping in bed with her mom at my parents house. She is currently in the pediatric ICU getting a whole bunch of tests done. She is awake and responsive. Waiting on bunches of tests. 

There is no smooth transition from that to Friday Favorites. more so I just need something to occupy my mind right now. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Family photo on the 4th. Doesn't Austin look so cute in overalls. And I just love Audrianna's smile from ear to ear

~ TWO ~

These two being cute at the campfire the first night. 


Eating grapes going "Cheeeeeese"

~ FOUR ~

Welcome to my basement mess of toys. Out of sign out of mind right, except when I go down there and my anxiety goes through the roof looking at it. There was also lots of little Barbie pieces, like silverware, dentist tools, etc and I always worry that Audrianna will eat something when she is down there playing. I got rid of my kids on Thursday. My mom watched them as I tackled the basement. I also did the laundry room, storage/toy over flow, and entertainment area. It took about 5 hours (I cleaned, organized, got rid of stuff, plus cleaned upstairs some too) Here is the finished product:

Austin came home and was like what happened. Now how long will it stay this way? Next weekend we have the kids joint birthday party so there will be more toys added to the mix. 

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  1. I am sending your niece all my prayers. I hope they figure out what happened and hope she doesn't have another one.


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