Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. We had a normal week. No snow days, no freeze days, everyone went to school, and we are back in our routine. I thrive on routine but also love our lazy days. We have a weekend filled with more basketball and usually routines. I am turning full force into a sports mom, especially with Austin. We were talking last night and he wants to sign up for flag football that starts in March. By the sounds of it he will be doing sports all year round and I think I am ok with that. What sports or activities do your kids do? 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea. I promise I do have 3 kids and I do take pictures of them all at times. Audrianna is going through a cute phase while Austin and Ella are don't take a picture of me and I respect that. 

~ ONE ~

I went in Anna's room to check on her. She was reading her books, playing with magnatiles and had Cocomelon on in the background. I find her in bed with all her stuffed animals covered up watching tv with the biggest smile on her face. 

~ TWO ~

We had deer in our yard the other morning. They were literally walking down the sidewalk then walked in our side yard into the woods and behind the house. When Anna saw them she yelled "my deer" it was the cutest thing. The rest of the day she kept looking out in the backyard to see if they came back. 


We are getting a new dining room table from some friends. So far we only have the chairs and they are being stored in what is currently the kids playroom. The chairs have turned into a train, car, and sleigh. I love that my kids are using their imagination. 

~ FOUR ~

I bought a new diffuser to attach to my hairdryer (my hair dryer is old but still works great) 

I am loving the extra volume and definition I have been getting with the diffuser. I am still figuring our different products along the way. 

~ FIVE ~

Speaking of magnetic tiles. She also made me wear it too. 

~ SIX ~

Mom's personal hair dresser. 


Brian asked for cones to use for basketball practice with Ella. I found a great deal on Amazon. Anna and Austin have both already stole them and started playing. 

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