Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. It is Friday. It has been a busy week but I am excited for date night tonight for Brian's birthday. Yesterday was Brian's birthday and we celebrated with the kids. Tonight my sister is watching Anna and Austin for a sleepover for the first time ever (wish her luck, and me luck not to have to go pick them up in the middle of the night) and Brian and I are going out to dinner of his choice.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Anna is on a nap strike. She has such fomo lately that she is afraid she is going to miss out on something. The other night she laid down and was cuddling Ella. The next thing Ella knew Anna was drooling on her. Unfortunately as soon as we went to move Anna to get own room she woke up. 

~ TWO ~

Austin brought up the pop up tent for Anna to play with. She played in it with her dolls for a few hours. 


Just some before school riding rides at Disney World aka watching vloggers on Youtube and using laundry baskets as their ride car.

~ FOUR ~

Another day of Anna not taking a nap. I told her it was bedtime and she said I sleep aka the living room floor with all the pillows and blankets. Next thing we know she is sleeping. This time she stayed asleep when I carried her to bed. When she woke up the next morning she was made she wasn't in pajamas. 

~ FIVE ~

Ella had her holiday choir concert. 

~ SIX ~

Another morning where Anna's friends, the deer came to visit. We had 7 in the yard. 

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