Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Can you believe it is the last Friday of January already? It has been a week. I am glad the weekend is here, are you with me? I finally feel like we are getting into a good routine, even with a million doctors appointments, sports, and extra curriculars. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We had a family movie night with lots of not agreeing but I picked The Mighty Ducks, the original. All three kids kept saying "I don't want to watch this" Ella and Austin ended up sucked into watching the movie. When it was over they even asked to watch the D2, but it was already past bedtime. 

~ TWO ~

Claudia, my niece got a hoover board for Christmas. While we were at my parents house Ella found it and started riding it up and down their hallway. Anna wanted to ride too but is to small to ride herself. Instead Ella rode the hoover board with Anna in her arms. 

Austin got to ride also and fell a bunch at the beginning but ended up doing real well before we left. I loved watching his growth in just a short amount of time. 

Disclaimer we will not be getting a hoover board ever and the kids only rode in the hallway where they had the walls to catch them, otherwise they would have had helmets and wrist guards on. 


It has been a while since I did my hair and liked the curls. (even though I still want bangs). We planned a date night and the curls turned out great. 

Date night didn't happen (Anna had a temper tantrum and wouldn't stay at Memaw's) I came home washed my face and put on my glasses, curls still looking cute. 

~ FOUR ~

Brian and planned date night and a few errands and breakfast for the next morning. Anna got to join us. She was so well behaved at breakfast. We filled over her placemat and she colored with a pen I had in my purse. 

She even talked Brian into drawing her an airplane. He delivered. 

~ FIVE ~

To my surprise we got snow and we saw 8 deer, 2 males and 6 females. We haven't seen the male deer in a few months. They are so peaceful watching them prance around.

Anna and I went outside to shovel the driveway. I said dont go in the snow you don't have on your boats or snow pants. See how well she listens, making snow angels in the neighbors yard. 

The snow on the trees is so beautiful 

~ SIX ~

My new favorite everyday wear fleece. I literally have been wearing it everyday. It is so soft and cozy. (yes it has been washed too) as a coat, and around the house. I am wearing size large. use code AdrienneP10 to save 10%

Along with the fleece I am loving the Simple Modern 40 oz tumbler I got for Christmas. I have been hitting my water goals better since getting a new fun cup. I love that it keeps my water cold, fits in a cup holder, and has a handle. 


Fun in the snow. Anna asked Ella to go play in the snow as soon as she got home from school. 

Austin had some fun in the snow too. 

Ella lasted the longest outside. She made Anna a little snowman outside the back window. 

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  1. All that snow just looks like it would be so much fun! I love the original Mighty Ducks movie and I might just see if I can watch it again soon. Have a great weekend.

  2. I used to surprise my boys with movie night so no one but me ever got to pick the movie; it cut back a BIT on the bickering but I also never made anyone sit and watch it if they weren't enjoying it after a few minutes either. It was always so disappointing when they weren't excited about this fun night I had planned!


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