Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. We made it through another week. Ohio is having an identity crisis and thinks we are in the Carolinas giving us temps in the 50 and 60s, but I am not complaining. Unfortunately today's high is only 31, now we will all get sick from these dramatic jumps. We have a 3 day weekend with temps in the 40 and 50s again. Maybe we can get outside again. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ella let me do her hair for Valentine's Day. She doesn't let me do anything fun anymore, not that are mornings give us much time either. I found a quick cute easy heart tutorial on Pinterest and sprayed it with red hair spray. She loved it. 

~ TWO ~

Family pizza and a movie night. Brian wasn't home so it was just the kids and myself. Anna made a pizza but didn't eat any. They agreed on Disney Zombies 3, then Anna said it was scary so ended up watching Mickey Mouse on the tablet. I sat and read some because I had no desire to watch the movie, but we were all in the same room and they were getting along. 


Ella made a homemade apple pie by herself. well without my help. Anna did help some. it turned out really good. 

~ FOUR ~

Anna had a playdate with her two best friends from school. That also means I got some adult talking time with there mom which was nice too. 

~ FIVE ~

Wednesday was a gorgeous day with temps in the 60s but it was real windy. After school we went to the playground behind the house. 5 of Austin's friends showed up to play. I love our neighborhood. Anna and I stayed about 45 minutes then she was tired. Austin stayed another 20 minutes with his friends and their parents and they sent him home when I asked. 

~ SIX ~

Brian and I went to the Cleveland Home and Garden show without kids. We are not looking to get any work done but it was nice to get out. Afterwards we grabbed dinner at Winking Lizard then went back and picked up the kids. 

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  1. We had a wonderful week weather wise too and while it is odd that it's so warm I am loving it!


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