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 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had a busy weekend with celebrating a neighbors birthday and football season is officially started. It is feeling like fall after have 90s last week. I am ready for cozy weather with all things pumpkin. 

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This month we are sharing our Hobbies.

I sat here for a while and thought, " I have no hobbies". In this stage of life so much of my life does revolve around my three kids but I do take time for me and I DO have hobbies. 

  • Cooking and sourdough- I love trying new recipes, making old recipes, getting my fingers in the dough (it really is relaxing).

  • This blog- I can't technically call it a job because I don't make much, if any money. I enjoy writing my daily posts. I love connecting with other moms. It is my online scrapbook to look back at.
  • Reading- I love reading and most days you will find me curled up with a book. I am always reading and listening to more than one. 
  • Crafts- I enjoy making different crafts. I buy all the stuff but there never seems to be enough hours in the day
  • Hallmark/ Great American Family Movies- Who doesn't love Hallmark movies? 
  • Working out- I feel great when I workout. Right now I am struggling with getting back into a healthy workout routine but I know I will get there. 
  • Singing- I use to want to be a professional singer and songwriter. I still enjoy singing. Ella is now into Taylor Swift so we jam out in the car a lot. 
  • Watching the deer- yes random but I can call my excitement and relaxing of watching the deer in our yard and in the woods next to our house. 

The reality of thinking I had no hobbies turning into I have a few. I know I am not alone in this either. So if you are struggling to come up with hobbies of your own, your not alone. I am positive you have a few. What are your hobbies?

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  1. We watched our first Hallmark movie of the season on Saturday. Hallmark Movies and baseball are the only things I watch on TV! Hahaha!

    1. if it weren't for recorded Hallmark movies on the Frndly app I wouldn't watch tv at all

  2. Definitely share reading and blogging as hobbies!

  3. I forgot about singing! That's a good one and nice you can sing with your daughter.

  4. I was just saying how much I miss singing; I used to be in our school's chorus and often has solos and things and joined special singing groups but it seemed like once I left school the only singing options were with church choirs. I found it really hard to keep up with crafts and hobbies when my boys were little too and it's only been these past few years that I've been trying to get back into it all.

  5. Watching the deer - love it! Right up with the birds...why is that so entertaining? But it is!:) I really need to try the sourdough hobby!

  6. So cool that you are a singer! and...omg --how did I not think to include that my blog is a hobby. haha. I might have to go add that in! lol

  7. I thought exactly the same when writing my post, I have no hobbies but it just took some time to think of them.
    Oh wow! That bread looks so good and I love watching a Hallmark movie, especially the Christmas one's. x

  8. I love "watching the deer"!!!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess


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