Friday Favorites Short Week

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday. It has been the craziest week ever with my kids only having school Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday we had a freeze day with feel like temps below -15 (yes we close when it is to cold) Today is the end of the grading period and teachers have to get all the grades in otherwise they would have probably been off today for the snow storm in the forecast. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Coffee and cookies with dad. Most of December we had cookies in our house and every morning Anna and Brian would enjoy a cookie dipped in Brian's coffee. Anna asked the other day for a cookie and coffee and we didn't have any cookies. I made the Christmas tree sugar cookies that have been sitting in the fridge just so they could have cookies and coffee. It is these little moments they will always remember. 

~ TWO ~

Anna and Austin have been sleeping in Anna's bed whenever they don't have school. It is the sweetest when the ask to sleep together. I also love that is means I get to sleep in my own bed all night because Anna isn't me up. 


No school for MLK day calls for a movie lunch. Ella and Anna are cuddling on the couch and Austin is laying on the floor. They watched Pirate Tinker Bell. 

~ FOUR ~

It's a "Swiftie Thing" is what Ella told me as her and Anna used Sharpies on a pair of jeans. 

~ FIVE ~

No school because of a freeze day means I have 5 kids, my 3 and my girlfriends 2. The girls made me feel ultra loved and squished. 

~ SIX ~

My kids were sick last week and my the girls I am watching this week have colds. I am keeping myself healthy with some Activate C, exclusive blend of vitamins and natural extracts support, rejuvenate, and refresh your immune system. It tastes delicious. I prefer mine with warm water, Brian drinks his cold. I also love that it is safe for kids to drink too. I get this in my monthly wellness box. To find more more info on the box. Wellness box store


Spill proof, with a straw fits in my cup holder, keeps my drinks cold. I love my new water bottle. I added the stickers myself. I ordered it before vacation because I needed to spend $25 for same day shipping with batteries.

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