Friday Favorites, It's May

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday. It has been a rough week. Austin broke his arm on Sunday and had emergency surgery on Monday. The adventures of wearing a splint cast and sleepless nights. Just when I think I am going to get on a good routine and schedules are going to go as planned, everything does a 180. True mom life. 

I could sit here and be all negative with how life is currently going. But if you know me you know that is not me. I try to find the joy in everyday. Brian and I have been discussing me going back to work, I believe that all these hiccups currently is God showing me that at this time working outside the home is not the best option. (I would have had to take off all week to be home with Austin.) So we will see what the future holds what I am going to get into. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Boys being boys playing in the words carrying dead trees to make a fire. 

The girls had to get involved too. 

~ TWO ~

The kids planted sunflowers at church and brought them home to plant in our yard. 


Ella made a fun sidewalk chalk game. Her and Anna played with it for a few hours. This was on Monday when they both stayed home from school when Austin was in surgery. They kept themselves busy as we were also nervous and stressed. You can see the full video here

~ FOUR ~

Ella offered to play Roblox with Austin. He is limited what he can do, but can use his left hand to play on the tablet. Ella has Roblox on her phone.

~ FIVE ~

I was walking down our driveway and looked over and saw the kids made a face on our tree. 

~ SIX ~

The weather has been beautiful. I have been enjoying sitting outside on the patio getting some work done. Austin is always within ear shot or sitting outside with me. 


Brian borrowed our neighbors riding mower and Anna enjoyed cutting the grass with him. She smiled and giggled the whole time. 


So pretty

~ NINE ~

Warmer days call for ice cream. One of Austin's best friends brought him his favorite ice cream, blue cosmo from Mitchells ice cream. 

~ TEN ~

One of my goals for this month is to hit 10,000 steps each day. On Wednesday I took a quick 1/2 mile walk then walked circles around the house to get my steps. Thursday I took a longer walk. 

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  1. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about Austin's arm!

  2. So sorry to hear your son broke his arm. At least we're not yet into full on summer mode and hopefully he can do all the things he loves to do soon. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Sending love and hugs, it does sound like a rough week. I hope Austin is recovering well. Even in the worst of times it looks like you have found some lovely moments throughout the week.
    Aww! I used to love my girls playing with chalk in the street.


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