Friday Favorite Officially Summer

 Hey friends. Schools out for summer. My kids had their last day on Wednesday. We are officially on summer break, minus Austin having 3 weeks of summer reading program and 6 weeks of speech (but that is only one day a week) It is still more laid back schedules and more fun. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Second annual 5k with TJ Carrie Heart Foundation. We participated in the 1 mile walk because of Austin's arm and not being allowed to run. Next year we said we want to all do the run, with some training first. 

I love the attitude of a preteen, this is boring, why couldn't we just donate money and not do the walk. We ended up running the last bit with Anna (gave Brian the empty stroller) and she was in a better mood.

~ TWO ~

Meet the Trucks, formerly known as Touch the Trucks, is always fun. 

The longest line we waited in was 20 minutes for Anna to sit in a cop car, even though my best friend is a cop and she can sit in the car whenever she wants. (We didn't do the fire truck or ambulance because their lines were close to an hour long)


We have seen a lot more of the baby deer. She was sleeping in the wood pile while the kids were playing up on the hill. Brian noticed her and got the kids away from her and she ran off. 

~ FOUR ~

Take me out to the ball game. Brian and I took Austin to the Cleveland Guardians game with our small church group. He had fun, started his game with an ice cream in a bowl which turned out to be a bad idea because he cant hold a bowl and feed himself, plus it was melting quickly. 

Even though we were up pretty high we could see everything which was nice. Austin also won a Guardians t-shirt. 

~ FIVE ~

She must have been bored to sit there and watch the washer spin. 

~ SIX ~

This cutie stole my chair and my snack of celery and carrots with ranch.


I spent the morning cleaning for the first week of the month doing my normal monthly cleaning. Anna asked to help. She disinfected tables with less toxic clear, wipes windows, washed clothes, deep cleaned dishwasher/garbage disposal/coffee pot, and more. 

So much work she needed a nap. She has been napping everyday again. She must be getting a growth spurt. 


Even though Austin can't physically play baseball he is still going to most of his baseball games and supporting his team. The 5 of us went on Monday. He was bored but still cheering them on. (There was a dad who said if his kid couldn't play he wouldn't waste his time coming, to me he is still apart of the team and not a quitter)

~ NINE ~

Ella had her 6th grade recognition ceremony. The choir sang a song then each home room came up and their teacher said a little about he classroom as a whole. Her teacher mentioned Ella specifically for keeping everyone organized and informed on school events as part of her student council duties. Afterwards she had her end of the year party at Main Event.

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  1. Hooray for the summer break!
    How wonderful for do the walk for the Heart Foundation.
    Seeing the trucks sounds like fun, apart from the queues.
    What a great helper Anna is with the cleaning.
    Good on Austin still going to the baseball games. You are right, he is still part of the team.


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