Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

Hey loves. I am back for another week of sharing tips, essentials, and staples for your kitchen. Last week I shared Kitchen Staples, items to have on hand to make a quick meal. Today I am sharing with you Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping.

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming and expensive. Here are 10 tips to save money:

1- Plan ahead. Make a menu for the week based on what is on sale and what you already have on hand. Then make a grocery list of what you need to buy. Stick to your list when you are shopping.

2- Don't shop hungry. I usually do my grocery shopping after breakfast when I am not hungry so I don't cave to sweets calling my name. 

3- Always have water with you. Drinking water will also curb your cravings while shopping. Plus you won't need to spend money on something to drink. 

4- Get to know the layout of your store so you are not having to go down aisles that you don't need to. Most of the healthier food is around the perimeter of the store also. 

5- Shop the sales ad when making your list. Even if you don't get a physical sales flyer they are available on the stores website. This could be the difference of red grapes and green grapes on sale or frozen shrimp and fresh shrimp. 

6- Buy generic when you can. A lot of the time they are the same quality product and you are just paying for the brand name. 

7- Avoid pre-packaged and pre-cut food such as fruit, veggies, and single serving hummus. It is a lot higher in price and doesn't last as long. 

8- Stock up when items are on sale. 

9- Items at eye level tend to be more expensive. Look up high and down low at different items.

10- Stick to your list, you don't need those cookies or advertisements on the caps. 

What tips do you have to saving money on groceries? 

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