Whats In My Clothes Closet

It's the last Thursday of the month. Where is the month going? Time for a link up with my girl Ashley. Each month we get snoopy and take a peak at some of the smaller details into our lives. 

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This month we are taking a look inside my Clothes Closet

Join us every month as we take a peek into something new. 

I am far from a fashionista. My everyday wardrobe consists on comfy shorts or workout pants and racerback tanks or nursing tanks. Once cooler temps hit through in a sweatshirt. I could probably get rid of 75% of my clothes because I don't wear them. (dont tell Brian I said that) BUT there is always a big buttttt for that occasion that I do wear real clothes I need clothes. You have to have clothes for date night, family get togethers, the random time i work a few hours at the salon (ok that hasn't happened in a few years), you just never know. I will say that I did purge a lot of my clothes and shoes that were in storage containers that I haven't worn in years, were out of style, or I knew I would never fit in again. (i do have some clothes that i have kept for when I am a smaller size again)

I have a decent size closet. My big complaint is half of my side is normal depth, half of it you cant fit a hanger in straight. (old house problems) 

The top section of the closet is where I store my jeans, pants, holiday leggings, jewerly (mostly earrings I don't wear) and scarves. When I was working I wore scarves a lot, now just for occasionally. 

Brian has taken over part of my side with his suit jackets. My hanging clothes are in order from tank top, to long sleeves, sweaters, possible black work clothes and dresses. 

The bottom of our closet has a drawer that has some shoes in it that I barely wear, but keep for special occasions. The shelf becomes a catch all. I have all my nail polish, make-up for when I do a full face (normally i just do my eyes), my bag for cutting hair, my purse when I take more than just my wallet, and the kids headphones for our van. 

My closet is nothing special but it is what is in our house and we make it work. I dream of a huge walk in closet with an island, not that I have enough clothes to fill it. 

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  1. As much as I can drool over other people's walk in closets with the islands I know I could never in good conscious spend the money on it! LOL.

    1. You are right I would never spend the money on the closet or the expensive clothes that go in it.


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