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Hey loves. No your not losing your mind it isn't Thursday yet. We are switching things up this month with What's In My since Thursday is Thanksgiving. (It will be switched next month to as New Years Eve falls on the last Thursday of the month). I a linking up with Ashley over at  Adventures with Ella Marie. It's time for What's In My.....


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This month we are taking a look at our Fridge

Join us every month as we take a peek into something new. 

I have a love hate relationship with my fridge. I can't seem to organize it the way I want to, the kids can't reach everything (good and bad) there is never enough room, etc. Does anyone ever really love their fridge/freezer. I really hate my freezer but we won't even start on that. 

I took these pictures without organizing my fridge. For the most part it stays pretty organized. This is after grocery shopping hence having an extra milk. I ran out of large bowls so I have grapes in a bag. I am surprised there are no half full cups of milk from the kids. 

We have all the condiments in the world, half barely get used I feel like. But that one time someone wants it and we don't have it, it is the end of the world.

This would be the most used side. Austin drinks chocolate milk, and Ella drinks strawberry milk (her syrup is in the back), I only use almond milk, we get whole milk for the few random times that Audrianna decided to drink real milk, and Brian has oj everyday. 

Speaking on condiments. Austin's choice condiments on everything is what we call "all 3" ranch, ketchup and mustard. Yes all mixed together on random things like pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets etc.

The top shelf we have more condiments (butter, cream cheese, sour cream) eggs, and leftovers. The second shelf is normally prepper fruit and veggies and the overflow of leftovers. The bottom shelf is beer, water, stocks, apples sauce. Also on the bottom shelf is the kids little container that normally has string cheese, and yogurt. In the top drawer is lunch meat and cheese. The bottom two drawers are fruits and veggies, and hidden chocolate chips. 

I hate that big containers don't really fit besides on the one side. I would love a bigger drawer below the fruit/veggie drawers. 
I will say I do love that I can fit a large pizza box in our fridge. That is a random requirement I have. 
Do you love your hate your fridge?

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  1. When we had two fridges I didn't really mind our fridge. But then our second fridge (the one we keep in the garage) died. I feel like there isn't nearly enough room is ours, and the shelf are all on the verge of breaking. One day we will get a new fridge, and that will be a happy day. I'm with you, it's so hard to keep organized.


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