Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. I am excited for a date night tonight. Ella and Austin are having sleepovers with family tonight. Audrianna is just going to my parents for a few hours. One of my intentions for 2021 is to get back into monthly date nights, even if that means date nights at home. Our relationship is also important especially with three wild children who take up a lot of our time. But I wouldn't change that for he world. 

It is my first Friday Favorites of 2021. I am linking up with Erika and Andrea sharing some of my recent favorites.

~ ONE ~

Ella got a guitar and a karaoke machine for Christmas. She has done lots of concerts in our basement and living room. She also joined virtual band at school to learn how to play. 

Austin is also enjoying singing about trains. Oh and the microphone stand Brian made out of pvc pipe and mood and a few other things. 

~ TWO ~

Ignore that Austin is on Brian's phone. He honestly does not get our phones very often if ever. But look how cute Audrianna is hugging him. Usually it is the other way around and Austin will try to hug Audrianna, always when she doesn't want him. 


Audrianna can light up a room with her smile. She loves her chair that she got for Christmas. Ignore that their is a different name on it. That is a whole nother story of misordering and unreturnedable Christmas fun. She can't read so it doesn't matter. 

~ FOUR ~

I started a new workout program last week. OMG I am loving it. I get excited to go workout. I will say that it is harder to work out with the kids because of the equipment. Brian has been letting me get it done before dinner if I don't get it done in the morning. If you want more details let me know.

~ FIVE ~

I have no idea why this picture is a screen shot, but Ella has randomly started doing chores around the house. She will just start doing dishes or cleaning up the house.

~ SIX ~

Again more of Ella singing.


We are an Ohio State family. They played an awesome year, even if they didn't win against Bama.

We tried to get Audrianna to do the O in Ohio. She did it standing on the ground in a different part of the basement but wouldn't do it with everyone else. 


Don't we all sit on the kitchen floor and eat our lunch. Audrianna didn't want to eat in her high chair but wanted to eat in the kitchen. She had a glass bowl so I set it on the ground. Then I joined her with my air fried green beans. She ended up eating half my green beans.


One day all the projects will be done on our house. Then we will put it up for sale and move and start all over again I'm sure. Ella likes helping Brian when she gets to use tools. Here she is helping replace wood on the stairs before we put the lament floors over it. She also helped with the lament in the basement. 

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  1. Ella looks like she is having so much fun!! Can't say I'm a fan of Ohio, but we were rooting for them, particularly since they were playing 'Bama. ;) I feel like we will never be done with house projects. Maybe when we retire???


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