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 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It is the first Friday Favorites of 2022. Today is all about positives, even in a world full of a lot of negative right now. We are over here making extra messes, extra cuddles, extra thankful, and extra memories. We are giving ourselves grace on everything from bedtime to screen time. Next week (fingers crossed) we will be back to a schedule again.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

I have gotten back into the habit (at least for the last 5 days, or reading the Purpose Driven Life, doing a bible study on my phone, and writing in my Joyful Rising Devotional journal. It has not been consistent on the same time of day. 

I got off track at the end of the year. Then the year started off rough having the ick. I am restarting this 20 minute program. I can also use the tv in the basement again for a little while before we start back up our remodeling project. 

Confession time - Audrianna hates to have her hair brushed. We sometimes go a few days without doing it because I am not up to the fight. This hurts even more as a hairdresser and know what the outcome could eventually be. Audrianna has been blessed with curls which also means knots. She let me brush her hair the other night after her bath, after I also washed and brushed Ella's hair. I didn't realize how long Audrianna's hair has gotten. 

Audrianna being cute sitting in her dolls crib. playing with her doll, and trying to watch tv. 

Audrianna was helping me give Ella gives. She tried running away with one, then I gave her another one that was hard boiled. when she went to break it she didn't know what to think that there was no mess. 

Ella asked if she could make cupcakes and decorate them all by herself. I observed her, as this was her first time doing it by herself and I put the pan in and out of the oven because she wasn't comfortable doing that yet. She did a great job. 

Audrianna is a goober. Wearing my headband, I told her she looked like a pirate than she went arghhhh. And closing her eyes and looking cute while reaching for her milk. She keeps life interesting. 

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  1. I used to have naturally curly hair as a child and hated having my hair brushed or combed in any way. It hurt so much even with detangler sprays and things. How wonderful that your daughter made cupcakes all on her own!


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