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Hey friends. We made it to Friday. Anyone else feel like the week back after vacation is the longest week ever? We are getting back into new routines and schedules and starting off the new year with positivity, some snow, and sickies, because it is inevitable. We have a long weekend and a short 3 days of school next week to confuse all of us again. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea. Now that the kids are back in school it seems like I only take pictures of Anna again. I swear I have two other kids, one hides in her room (welcome to pre-teens) and the other one likes video games and not hanging out with mom. 

~ ONE ~

Anna was all ready for Christmas with the Gilberts. The party wasn't until 4 but she was up and dressed by 8 and got herself all glam too. Notice the mismatched heels, bracelet she stole from Ella, sunglasses, 4 hair clips, and lip gloss. 

~ TWO ~

I made overnight oats one day this week, (even though the plan was to have them 2-3 days) but this girl was in her own world loving it. I was surprised she ate her whole 1/4 cup serving. Austin had a 1/2 cup serving and he said next time I need to make him more. 


I have started working on with The Ladies Edge, new workouts 5 days a week and a live workout on Saturdays. I am loving the 23 minute workouts, fast paced, and no repeats of workouts. One of the movies that I need to work out and is a goal for 2024 is to be able to do a handstand. They share some modifications to help with doing a handstand and on is to use the wall/chair/couch to hold yourself in the position as you strengthen into being able to do one. Anna is the cutest doing the moves with me. 

~ FOUR ~

Speaking of working out, look at these two cuties getting a workout in with me. I started watching my girlfriends daughter again this week and they follow me around like a shadow. The original plan was for them to go downstairs and play Barbies while I worked out. That didn't happen. Instead they took over my workout space and joined me. 

~ FIVE ~

We have gotten some snow and lots of rain this past week. Sadly this is the most that has stuck. This weekend we are suppose to get a few inches. 

~ SIX~ 

New Youtube video is up. Trader Joes Haul including a bunch of my favorites.  

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