Friday Favorites Holiday Weekend

 Hey friends. We made it to Friday. It has been a crazy busy week. Ella had two big projects due, Anna had her last day of preschool and graduation, and today Austin gets his cast off. I am excited for a long weekend. We have nothing planned on Monday and I hope it stays that was to just relax. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We started off our Saturday morning with soccer. It was a rushed morning with picked up the kids from Brian's moms house after a sleepover. But Anna had fun and enjoyed it. It was also a gorgeous day. 

~ TWO ~

Our church is breaking ground on Peace Pavilion. All the kids were asked to bring shovels and were given a hat. 

Then we all flipped dirt. Every time we drive past our church, which is a few times a week, Anna reminds you that we dug in the dirt. 


A beautiful huge butterfly was sitting on one of the upstairs bedroom windows. It sat there for a good half an hour before he flew away.

~ FOUR ~

The weather has been gorgeous but the kids water table was looking gross. I tried just scrubbing with my finger and that didn't work. I grabbed some magic from my wellness box and it cleaned it up no problem. 

Anna loved it, she even climbed in trying to fit her little butt in again. I ended up putting a small pool up for her and we have spent a lot of time outside this week. 

~ FIVE ~

Daddy's little helper planting flowers. 

~ SIX ~

The look on her face when Anna saw how big her hot dog was. You can see what else what all we bought at Sam's Club.


There is a baby deer in the neighborhood. We saw it in our backyard, it went down the creek and back up, and was still wobbly on the other side. 


Anna had her last day of preschool and her graduation. She is so excited to be going into full day kindergarten in the fall and riding the bus. 

New youtube video. This weeks Aldi Budget Grocery haul. A week of shopping for $53. 

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  1. Oh! I bet Austin can not wait to get that cast off! Wat a great week; that baby deer is so cute.

  2. What a sweet week and hope it is a relaxing holiday weekend for you!

  3. What a busy week and exciting too.
    Good job with flipping dirt at the church.
    The weather looks glorious, we've had nothing but rain here.


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