Lets Look Podcast and Shows We Binge

 Hey friends. How is your summer going? We have been having lots of fun, and it is going by to quick. I feel like I also can't get caught up on anything. Throw in a holiday, Brian out of town for work then came home sick, summer camp, and more my life has been hectic. I wouldn't change it, minus Brian being sick. 

I am linking up with Erika and Shay today for this month's Let Look.

In January we looked at How we clean out closet
In February we looked at Little Things We Do Every Single Day
In March we looked at Our Grocery Carts
In April we looked at Our Daily Quiet Prayer Time
In June we looked at our Summer Schedules 

This month we are looking at Podcast and Shows We Binge.


If I am being honest I haven't listened to a podcast in a while. I have been listening to a lot of audiobooks. I just logged into my podcast app on my phone to see who I previous listened to. A few of podcasts haven't been updated since 2023, one had an announcement that they were moving to a paid service to listen to their shows. Guess I am not missing out on much.


I don't watch much tv unless you could Fancy Nancy, Paw Patrol and Bluey. The few shows I do watch are:

Let's not forget the classics

You are more likely to find me curled up with a book than watching tv. What about you? 

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