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Hey loves. Happy Friday. How has your week been? We were suppose to have a nice week, back to our normal schedule. It didn't turn out that way. Audrianna has been fighting some bug that is going around her school, Brian also got said bug. Then Austin wasn't feeling well. And we are getting hit currently with crazy weather. It is going from 55 degrees then dropping to 25. From rain to ice to snow. Not much snow forecasted (but the weather lies) but lots of wind and freezing rain. (edited the kids have a snow day again)

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

See I have another kid besides Audrianna. If you have been around Austin, and my oldest Ella don't get as many pictures taken. While I was cleaning the humidifiers and diffusers Austin came in my bathroom and said "Mom look I'm pregnant." He had the biggest smile on his face. 

~ TWO ~

Happy Valentine's Day. Brian surprised me when I woke up on the table he left me some treats and flowers. He also gave Ella one rose. (so I got 11 and she got one like my father use to do for my sister and me growing up)

After school the kids got home from school they got little Valentine's Day. Austin got a foam football, some candy, and two little trucks. 

Ella got candy and a drawing book.

Anna got candy and a magic coloring book. 


Anna has been having temper tantrums and stealing my computer mouse (yes I use a mouse). (even when we are not even on our computers) The other day I found my mouse in Sven's mouth. I give her credit for creativity. 

~ FOUR ~ 

Speaking of deer. We had 15 deer in our yard the other day. They are getting close. This is me looking out the window, as you can see our new gas meter house close he is to our house. 

~ FIVE ~

Another beautiful sunrise that Ella took as we drove home from picking her up from her dads. 

~ SIX ~

In a world full of trends sometimes you just Gotta get a little crazy.

It’s kindness week at school. today’s theme is dress crazy or silly. If you know Ella she is all for expressing herself and wearing something crazy.
Today was all about purple crazy in her purple pants, purple dress, purple vest. Then the hair half in a high pigtail and half braided
Girl rock it. Be you and don’t be afraid to stand out.


Audrianna always asks for Papaw. Then when she gets over there she wants nothing to do with him. This past week when she was over there she got lots of PaPaw cuddles in and watching Frozen 2.

~ EiGHT ~

Let me introduce you to Ms. Gothel. The way she was walking around in Ella's zebra blanket just reminded me of Tangled. 

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